A doctor checking up a foot – podiatry in Owen Street Innisfail, QLD

Innisfail podiatry - children's, diabetic & general foot care

Look after your feet with Back In Motion. Our Innisfail podiatrist can diagnose and treat a range of foot-related problems for people of all ages.

Children's podiatry

Good foot health is important no matter your age as it affects your activity levels and mobility. It can also affect development in children. Common issues like flat feet and in-toeing can cause gait or flexibility concerns. Our podiatrists can assess your child and advise on the best type of footwear, as well as recommend stretching or strengthening exercises to assist with proper foot function.

Sports injuries

At Back In Motion, we treat children and adults for sports injuries. We can assess, diagnose and recommend a course of treatment for most ankle, foot, and lower leg sports-related injuries.

The types of lower-limb sports injuries we treat include:
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shin splints
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Stress fractures in the feet

Diabetic care

People with diabetes are susceptible to developing problems with their feet and should ideally visit a podiatrist every 12 months for a check-up.

Ask your podiatrist for advice about managing foot problems like corns, calluses and ingrown nails, and make sure you regularly inspect your feet for signs of injury.

Of course, we also offer general podiatry for skin and nail conditions, and lower limb and joint pain.

Contact our Innisfail podiatrist for more information and to book your appointment.