A doctor having a herbal medicine – naturopath in Owen Street Innisfail, QLD

Innisfail naturopath

At Back in Motion in Innisfail, we take a holistic approach to health and wellness. That's why we offer comprehensive naturopathic services.

The key pillars of naturopathy are a healthy diet, hydration, sunlight, exercise and stress management. In practice, this means assessing each person and their lifestyle to come up with a suitable treatment. We look beyond your symptoms to identify the underlying causes of your condition and offer natural, non-invasive therapies to address your health concerns.

When you book an appointment with our naturopath at Back in Motion, you can expect your initial consultation to take about an hour. This is because it is essential that we first understand your wellness history, diet and lifestyle. Depending on your symptoms, we may also conduct a physical assessment, take your blood pressure or examine your irises.
Once we have a thorough understanding of your health concerns and possible underlying causes, we can recommend a course of treatment. Treatment usually involves nutritional guidance, herbal medicine, iridology, acupuncture, massage or other natural therapies.

Contact our friendly Innisfail naturopath for more information and to book your initial consultation.